Our Vision

What we've wanted to do is to create something special – 

  • Flavours unique to The Donut Boutique – they're all our own designs; our own creations
  • They're hand-made, not churned out of a machine
  • . . . but much more than that – donuts that taste great: they're soft and they're not oily; they're light and they surprise you (it's great when people who've never been before come in and buy one; start eating as they walk to their car; and turn around and head straight back in to buy more!) 
  • A range to suit all tastes
  • A store that's attractive; a display that says 'quality'
  • Service that's warm and friendly
  • And for you to know it doesn't stop here! So if you've got a special event let's see what kinds of donut designs we can customise for you. Come in and have a chat. We'd love to see you!

We want you to enjoy coming to our store, making your selection and walking away with a smile.