Our Store

We're at 569 Barbadoes Street. Barbadoes is a one-way street, running north, up to Bealey Avenue. But keep on going across Bealey and it becomes two-way. You'll find us on the left, immediately before the first set of traffic lights. (That's the corner of Edgeware Road). 

As we all know the earthquakes pretty well wiped out our city centre so when we went searching for a place to settle down and 'do donuts' sites were hard to find.

We figured we were fortunate to have hit on this spot in a brand new post-earthquake building. The landlord was welcoming, the folks in the neighbourhood around have been really supportive. And we've got an easy place for anyone driving by to pull to the side of the road and wander in. Try it! If you've never tasted our offerings you're really missing something!