Our shared dream: a business that would offer something unique to Christchurch. With all due respect to L&P: "world famous in Christchurch . . . and maybe beyond"

We'd seen donuts in different places – in Australia, the US, and in Singapore (where they're pretty popular). But here in Christchurch (and in NZ) you couldn't find what we had in mind. We wanted to create some tastes that were unique so that customers could enjoy the whole deal: not only the products we have to offer, but also the experience of coming to our shop, admiring the display, and going away with a box of our seriously good donuts. 

We hope we've achieved that and we're pleased to say we've had really good responses – compliments from folks from across NZ and across the Tasman (and even some special compliments from visitors from the US of A). 

We make our donuts on site – designed by us, hand-filled, hand-decorated. We are not part of a franchise. We don't use a premix. Instead, Jinah has perfected her own recipe to make the dough from basic ingredients which she then lovingly rolls out. They're then deep fried in canola oil. Then come the fillings (made in-house), the decoration . . . and you!

It takes time to produce each of our donuts which is why we can only produce a limited amount.

So if you're in Christchurch, we'd love to welcome you to discover the unique flavours we have to offer! And if you're further afield and want to send donuts as a special thought to friends or family in Christchurch – maybe with some words of dedication piped onto them – then please get in touch. We get orders from all around NZ and from across the Tasman to deliver in Christchurch. We'd love to hear from you!