A note on our delivery prices:

We can deliver donuts without charge when your order is over $50. But we have to restrict this to "within the four avenues": Firzgerald, Moorhouse, Bealey and . . . ok, which is the fourth?
Some say Rolleston Ave, some say Deans Ave. We'll say Deans. See this link to a 2014 'Stuff' article:


In Christchurch but outside the four avenues our delivery charge for an order over $50 will be $15. (It's all to do with time and 'gas')
If your order is less than $50 (whether it's inside or outside the four avenues) then our delivery charge will be $15.
Hope you understand!


 A brief word for Vegans and those who have Gluten-Free needs:

We get questions from time to time on whether our donuts are suitable for vegans and whether we have any gluten-free options. Sorry, but we’ll have to disappoint on both counts.
Where vegans are concerned, we use eggs and dairy (cream etc) in our donuts.
As to gluten free we've had a small number of people ask but the big challenge is getting the donut to have the stretch and elasticity (and that same lightness that we aim at) without the protein of the gluten. We'd read that Dunkin Donuts in the US had made announcements of a gluten-free product in 2013 but then we came across this 2014 article, which suggests that they hadn't succeeded:









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